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Camping Tours in Barkley Sound

This 6 day kayak adventure will take you to the Deer Group of Islands - a chain of islands occupying the eastern part of Barkley Sound. They are located near Pacific Rim National Park but as they are not part of the park system, are less frequently visited than the more popular and crowded Broken Islands.


Deer Islands abound
with sea caves!

No where else in all of Barkley Sound is there such an incredible concentration of sea arches and caves as there are all along the western shores of this group of islands.

The Deer Islands are also prized for their many exquisite tide pools, sandy beaches and sea lion haul outs. The area is also rich in native lore and history, as we will witness while exploring some fading but still visible signs of ancient village sites and canoe runs.

Throughout the week, we will introduce a variety of paddling strokes and techniques. We will demonstrate a number of deep water and self-rescues; learn about charts and tide tables and discuss trip and route planning.

We will take plenty of time to explore the marine environment; pause to learn more about the coast's ethnobotany as we will be constantly reminded about the rich and still visible native history. Our tours are designed for both the beginning and more experienced kayaker who is eager to really experience and enjoy the ocean environment.

Although kayaking is our main focus, we rarely paddle more than 3-5 hours each day, allowing us plenty of time to explore the area on foot, fish, beach comb or simply RELAX.

For our entire week, we will be based from one spectacular campsite, eliminating the need to spend valuable time breaking camp and packing our kayaks.

Our motor vessel will be used for return transport from Bamfield to our secluded campsite in the Deer Group. It will be anchored by our campsite to be used in emergencies or to allow us to extend our paddling range to more distant islands.

We frequently offer other weeks/dates on a contract basis. 

If our scheduled weeks are not convenient for you, please check with us re: availability at other times.


July 10 - 15

July 17 - 22

$675 per person (plus HST)
includes water taxi from Bamfield


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