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For families, consider spending a week with our family in Barkley Sound in the Deer Islands (located near Bamfield - less frequented than the more crowded Broken Islands - but equally as beautiful and protected).



With sandy beaches, great intertidal viewing and protected waters and islands right in front of our campsite, we are located in a kayakers & kids paradise!

This program is geared specifically to families, with program and instructional time offered to both adults and younger family members.

To achieve a good balance of relaxing base camp comforts and a variety of paddling, exploring and fishing opportunities, we will operate the entire week from one spectacular campsite. Shorter paddling days, accompanied by lots of beach exploring fun, will be capped off with evening events such as sunset paddles and exciting campfire programs and storytelling that highlight the cultural, native and natural history of the area.

We have a variety of kayaks available for all ages - young paddlers can gain confidence in the front seat of a double kayak while mom or dad oversees the crew from the rear cockpit. As the week develops and skill levels increase, younger paddlers will have the opportunity to paddle their own specially designed kayaks. Teens can paddle their own specially sized single kayak.

Our motor vessel will be used for return transportation to Bamfield to our campsite in the Deer Group. It will be anchored by our campsite to be used in emergencies or to reduce the amount of paddling for younger paddlers.

If we might experience some damp weather, a large tarp over a communal kitchen area with fire pit can be setup at our base camp - available for drying, lounging or cooking.

Our goal in these family programs is to offer high caliber recreation and learning opportunities while encouraging quality family times and relationships.

We frequently offer special family weeks / dates on a contract basis. If our scheduled weeks are not convenient for your family, please check with us re: availability at other times. Get more kayak information and guides on Kayakerguide.com


July 24 - 29

July 31 - Aug.5

$675.00 (plus HST)
includes water taxi from Bamfield

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